Standalone Generator

Few things can be more devastating to a business than a power cut. If you have experienced the effects of being without electricity and need a solution to keep your business operating smoothly, it’s time to consider Park View Business Centre.  We now have onsite a backup Generator to avoid disaster & loosing work and to ensure business-as-usual should the mains supplier have issues.

1.) Keeping Your Business Running

Office-based service businesses can experience a substantial hit to revenue and productivity if they are unable to access their network or continue working during an extended power outage. As more and more business operations transfer to online environments, it is vital to remaining connected to your clients & tenants at all times.

2.) Keeping Your Clients Happy

Maintaining power during a Mains Electricity outage will not only keep your existing customer base happy, but may also bring new customers.

3.) Maintaining an Efficient and Comfortable Work Environment

Ensuring that the internet, phones and are always up and running will ensure your employees are productive even with extended power cuts.