Park View Business Centre plants new oak trees to mark King Charles Coronation.

Following the Queen’s Green Canopy tree planting initiative in 2022, the Jubilee year, Park View
Business Centre has now started a Coronation Planting of Oak trees to mark next month’s event.

David Hotchkiss, Maintenance Manager at PVBC has nurtured and now planted the first of these
saplings at the business centre. He says “This has been a great thing to do. It will give me years
of pleasure seeing the tree expanding into its new space. I’ll now have something to prompt me to
remember this special year every time I notice it growing on.

Park View Business Centre, situated between Nantwich and Whitchurch takes its green credentials
seriously whilst striving to provide small to medium sized businesses with great value offices from
which to run their business. This programme of new broad-leaf planting will continue in the Autumn

Dave Planting Oaksand echoes the renewable energy activities already working on the site. Ultimately, 100 new trees
will be planted around the centre.

For more information on Park View Business Centre, call 01948 661 600.